Amazonite Wrap Bracelet


Amazonite – known as the “Hope” stone
With its subtle but gorgeous and earthy shades of blue–green, the Amazonite crystal meaning reflects the lush foliage of the Amazon rainforest, although it’s commonly found in Colorado 🏔

Hold tight to the Amazonite Crystal during times of stress and call on its ultra chill vibes for a much-needed float down your inner river of tranquility. The anti-anxiety medication of the crystal world, the Amazonite is a powerful heart chakra stone, helping to release toxic emotions when placed on the chest in a healing layout.
It’s often said that the crystal chooses you instead of the other way around. If the Amazonite crystals have found their way into your life (like this bracelet:), it’s a sign that you’re in need of the truth, even if it hurts. The Amazonite crystal healing properties remind us that it’s time for our voices to be heard. A powerful throat chakra stone, the Amazonite healing properties help you move beyond the fear of confrontation or judgment so you can freely pursue and express your true self.
I think I’m never taking this off.

Wraps 3x and is standard to fit 7 1/2″ wrist.  If you need a different size please specify in inches at checkout in the notes.

Choose your favorite charm to customize just for you!  Shown with Tree off Life charm

Charm Choice

anchor, Angel, Breathe, Buddha, Butterfly, Classic Skull, Compass, Dream, Elephant, Evil Eye, Four Leaf Clover, Hamsa Hand, Hand Drawn Filigree Design, Hand w/Eye, Heart Peace Sign, Heart w/Love, Horseshoe, Lotus Flower, Namaste, Om – Cut out Design, Om – Solid stamped charm, Owl, Palm Tree, Peace Sign, Pineapple, Sand Dollar, Starburst Compass, Starfish, Strength, Tree of Life, Wing, Wish Bone


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