Needing Inspiration!?

So lately I’ve been a little “uninspired”  Has this ever happened to you?  Sometimes I am so “ON” and other times I can’t think or create anything to save my life.  So I’ve decided that when that happens, I’m going to coast, and let it pass…. and it always does.  Yayyy  As a woman in my mid 40’s (oh God when did this happen)   I am starting to have some up and down moments if ya know what I mean, (God help my poor man) hahaha  Making jewelry has always been a source of calm and happy for me, but sometimes I let it overwhelm me.  Thats just life isn’t it?  The calming and happiness part always wins for me with my jewelry, sooooo I have made some great new fall pieces, and I’m ready to make more! I’m going to be having some great pieces on sale and I’m offering $10 off your order for the next month!  woohoo  Please enter TAKE10 at checkout and enjoy.  And please, remember that Happiness always wins… if you LET IT.  Have a happy day 😉

by Tamara Trezzo

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