Layering Your Bracelets!

I am a big fan of layering bracelets as you can probably tell from all my bundle items 😉  If you’re like most people, you may not know how to put them together to look super cool… well I’m here to help!  I have a lot of great bracelets that can be put together to make a great bracelet stack.  Mix and match by putting bracelets together that have a similar tone to them, like shades of blue, shades of brown, etc.  But also remember you can throw something a little different in the mix.  I wear a lot of green bracelets, and I will wear my Ocean Jasper Healing Gems bracelet with it sometimes because it has all the earthy tones in it and brings the hippie boho vibe to whatever bundle you’re wearing.  My latest bundle is RED, its a power color, its hot and its so pretty, I’m loving it!   I’m wearing it with my cute summer dresses, or my jeans, my jean shorts with white or blue tops, or any neutral shade really.  Here’s me going to a cubs game with my hot red, me going to the beach on a separate day with my boho leather and gemstone bracelets,  and lastly me by the pool with my boho turquoise  😉

I always have a bit of Glamour and a bit of Hippie on 😉


Moral of the story is this…. don’t be afraid to put a bunch of bracelets on, take off the ones that don’t feel right, mix and match until you get a stack that feels good on you!   If you need help putting a custom stack together, message me anytime and I will help make something unique and cool for you!

Have a happy 4th of July weekend!

xo Tamara

layering_bracelets  Carnelian Live your Truth Bracelet Bundle





by Tamara Trezzo

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