I’m A Little Slow

Well, The website is up and running, slowly but surely working out some kinks.  It’s been slow going but its going!  I hope you’re enjoying the new look at Glamorous Hippie.  I’ve had some events, some orders and been busy busy busy making new designs, ALL the time 😉 I will be having an Open House event at mi casa, which I do every couple months.  It’s always a fun time with girls hanging around after shopping and sipping on wine and champagne, cause why not?  It’s not just about shopping, its about connecting with the ladies who buy my baubles.  They seem to want to share the personal stories about jewelry they already have or the reason they are buying the piece they’re choosing.  Thats how girls are isn’t it? Theres a story for everything.  (especially after a couple glasses of wine;)  I always thought jewelry was personal, it is for me anyways, It definitely shows my personality!  If you couldn’t guess, I’m a bit glamorous, and a bit hippie.  Duh.   How about you?  What’s your jewelry style?  Or what would your jewelry say about you?

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be a video of how to wear my favorite new piece of jewelry.


by Tamara Trezzo

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